The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

by y_hideo | 14.12.00 in |

Sometimes, it doesn't matter how many quality ingredients you chuck into a recipe; if something happens to go wrong during the cooking, it can all turn out like mush. The same is true of any video game � reading the back-of-the-box-blurb will often promise you all sorts of magical features, but they rarely give any clue as to how they're implemented. And implementation is always the key.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor has guns, bombs, magic and myth, pitfalls filled with spikes, death drops and a whole host of burly men who clearly spend too much time down the gym. It's also been handled by a developer that knows a thing or two about your average action adventure title, but ultimately, all these classic elements are never strung together convincingly enough to create anything beyond a mediocre and slightly disjointed experience. If I were to write the box blurb, I'd label it "slightly disappointing."

To the naked eye, all seems in order at the beginning of the journey. Taking charge of 18-year-old Alex O' Connell, son of Brendan Fraser's character Rick, you start off being separated from your retinue of Chinese diggers while searching for an entrance to the tomb of an ancient Chinese Emperor - Qin Shi Huang. The action sparks into life almost immediately, with the first few skirmishes revolving around gunplay.


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