Pandas vs Ninjas

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This game rocked WP7 and Android and now it is available on Blackberry

Enjoy Pandas vs Ninjas Premium with the following features:
- Excellent animated graphics with brave characters
- Beautiful sounds
- No advertising!

Let the fight begin!

Help Pandas to defeat Ninjas in this fun and innovative physics-based game!
Defend Pandas' homeland by fighting Ninja invaders and destroying their camps.
Enjoy highly addictive gameplay and realistic physics simulation!

*Blackberry 8900 Curve,BlackBerry 9630 Tour,BlackBerry 9650 Bold, Blackberry 9700 ,BoldBlackBerry 9780 Bold,BlackBerry 9350 Curve,BlackBerry 9370 Curve,BlackBerry 9360 Curve)
Download Here

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Playman World Soccer (8900, 9630, 9700,9780)

Conquer the world of soccer with Team Playman! In his 7th title Playman takes his team around the globe with only one goal in mind - to become the best soccer team in the world!

You and Team Playman face 36 national teams in different cups, matches and leagues. Conquering the world of soccer has never been this much fun! Playman World Soccer offers game modes to suit all tastes - play a quick match, take part in the arcade challenges or improve your team's skills in an unparalleled career mode.

The controls and gameplay have been built from the ground up to suit the mobile environment and ensure a fun gaming experience for everyone! Visually Playman World Soccer is second to none. The players are smoothly and colorfully animated and you can really tell apart the different nationalities! is brought to with excellent AI, stunning special effects, different pitches and realistic physics. Last but not least, you can experience the sport in full-blown 3D on selected handsets!

Download here

Bounce Blitz Out

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Bounce Blitz Out.....

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It's a Blitz! Bounce into some frenzied fun with Swapper, kick back and puzzle over Strategy, and for a little twist slip into Slider.

  • 3 Game Modes
  • New Bouncy Beats
  • Color Bombs
  • Proximity Bombs
  • Ball Pattern Points

download Here

Psx4Droid 3.0.5

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Android OS
Overview: Psx4Droid is a Playstation 1 emulator for high-end android devices.

I just pushed out an update for psx4droid, now at 3.0.5.

The save state bug is now fixed. It affected people on stock Android ROMs.

Through various bug fixes this release should allow more hardware on various Android ROMs to run psx4droid. I’m interested if this build fixes the following hardware to allow games to be played:

* Google Nexus S
* SE Xperia PLAY
* LG Optimus 2x
* Xoom / Honeycomb
* Dell Streak

Download HERE

Mysterious alien beings have landed on Earth! The last resort to stop them is a ragtag group of monsters that the military has been quietly rounding up over the years. Speed through the city as Ginormica, 49-feet-11-inches of brawn and beauty! Battle your way through the alien spaceship as the macho half-ape, half-fish The Missing Link! Combat Gallaxhar and his evil clones and save the world from imminent destruction! Find your inner monster!


Super Fruitfall

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The ultimate in gravity-based puzzle fun! Can you empty the playing area of your favourite fruit? Spin the grid to send the citrus tumbling, as you try to match three or more fruit! Don't let gravity get you down, get Super Fruitfall and go bananas.

128x160 k500
128x160 Tseries
240x320 UIQ3

Devils and Demons

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Dark times arrive for the lands of your ancestors. An evil pact of the past is unleashed and claims to settle an old debt. Large armies of devilish creatures arise, waiting for the order to wipe out all humanity. Your tribe decides not to wait for its fatal destiny and sends Desola's best mages and warriors to defeat the lords of hell and their army and to seal their portal to the world of living once and for all. It's time to choose your role in this final war, whether it will be as a strong Earthquaker, a dainty Child of the Sun or a powerful Windcaller. Wield large battle axes, shoot burning rays of sunlight or summon powerful elements to fight against the evil hordes of hell! Upgrade your equipment and train your skills to drive back the demons and devils that lurk in the abyss of the evil lord Beelzebub! Defend your life! Defend your tribe! Defend your homeland! Go once to hell and back! If you dare…


- Action packed Hack & Slay fun
- Up to 3 individual character classes to choose (depending on device)
- Skill tree system for special talents
- Campaign mode with up to 46 levels and upgradeable items to improve values (depending on device)
- Arena mode for endless battles
- Nonlinear gameplay with free choice of levels
- Many different hordes of demons to fight
- Random structures of hell by generated levels
- Highscore from hell