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Think of the classic arcade plane shooter, 1942. Now think of it with revamped graphics, add in a storyline, cool fireworks like explosions and special effects, and bigger, bad-er weapons that couldn’t possible exist in that era. You’ve got yourself Gameloft’s new Air Strike 1944!

Air Strike 1944 gives you the command of one of three types of fighter planes, each different in terms of speed and fire power. You get to choose one, and you must stick with it throughout the game. It’s almost like a clone of Sky Force in that way. The game itself is pretty smooth, and the action is practically non stop, as it should be with an arcade game. There are plenty of enemy planes of various sizes to blast, and double that amount of enemy fire to evade! It’s addictive that’s for sure, the mindless blasting and shooting. And to be frank of all the arcade games for mobile I’ve played, I found Air Strike 1944 the hardest! It’s certainly not a walk in the park, but thank god there’s plenty of lives to collect as you play the game, and not to mention you’ve got 5 credits to use if you’ve used those all up too. But not too worry, if you still lose even all your credits in a level, that doesn’t mean you have to start the game all over again. The game is saved after every level, so if you’ve run of credits, you simply start that level again. Credits lets you continue the level from where you died. See the difference? I don’t recommend using credits though, fighting a boss with a level one weapon is practically suicide.

128 x 128
176 x 220
240 x 320

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