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I just finished the Off-road Dirt Motocross mobile game from Gameloft. I love playing racing games on the cell phone ‘coz I am able to play them in between the things I need to do daily.

The Off-road Dirt Motocross initially offers two modes of game play — instant and arcade mode. Don’t think I need to explain instant. The arcade mode could be thought of as something like a racing tour. You get to race in different parts of the world.

The 3D graphics of the mobile game are great. Attention to detail has been given to even include such effects as the rays of the sun. There are different scenes depending on the location of the race. Controlling your bike is as easy as it gets especially if your mobile phone has a d-pad or joystick.

During arcade mode, each location offers 4 types of races — a normal motocross race, a race against time, a “last man standing” type of race which is called road rage. The 4th race which is a duel race against the leader in that location gets unlocked only when you have accomplished the first three races.

You start out with a very simple motocross bike. As you gain money thru your winnings in the races, you can use the money to perform a mod on your bike. Certain special tuning capabilities become available as your progress to the game.

One tip when playing the mobile game is not to spend all your money on tuning the bike because you might end up not being able to unlock the other locations. There is a price tag to unlocking the other locations so you have to save some of your money to buy into the race.

The Off-road dirt motocross has a particular twist to the game. After finishing all the locations on the map, you can actually unlock another location by connecting to Gameloft.



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