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Back in the 1980s, there was only one way for young men to build up fearsome wrist strength. No, not that. I'm talking joystick waggling – which isn't a euphemism. See, in the days of 8-bit home computers, you couldn't count yourself a proper gamer unless you could waggle a joystick from side to side at ninja speeds while playing multi-event athletic games.

Forget drugs, alcohol or designer clothes. Many British kids ended up spending their pocket money on replacement controllers thanks to games like Daley Thompson's Decathlon.

Anyway, the point is nobody uses joysticks any more apart from nerdy PC flight simulator fans, and waggling a virtual 747 isn't really advisable. But the concept of knackering your hardware trying to hurl a javelin lives on, in Playman Summer Games 3 on mobile.

I tell you, my N81 is quite possibly ruined for other games, having spent a week with RealArcade's newie. The '4' and '6' keys certainly aren't what they were before this turned up.

240x320 w910
240x320 k800

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