Enchanted Mobile

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The game features three mini-games with 14 levels each. The games are played in rotating order, and one level of each game must be played before all games advance to the next level. In the first mini-game players take control of the character Pip as he jumps through the forest collecting statue pieces. In the second, Pip and his friend Bunny must rearrange rows of fruit to reveal hidden pieces behind. Finally, Fawn and Boar must use Fawn’s quickness and Boar’s strength to bring the pieces back to the main character Giselle.

“Enchanted is a great game for the Christmas season, and fits perfectly with our strategy to develop games that anyone can pick up and play without a steep learning curve,” says Sunil Gunderia, VP Mobile, EMEA at Disney. “Enchanted the mobile game is a great extension of this wonderful story and will enable fans of all ages to experience the Enchanted story everywhere.


176 x 220

240 x 320

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