Age of Heroes V: The Warrior's Way

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Legends and sagas are immortal -- but those who remember them die. When the time will come, and monsters will rise from darkness -- one push will be enough to make heavens fall on earth, and seas to boil,... and there will be no one who would remember at least one legend.
About the last hero, who'll carry the heaviest burden.
Whole world.

When the time of Aivail has come -- there were three of them.
The three men, who'll decide if the world will live, or it has to give way to coming emptiness.

This is the story of one of them.

Features and innovations:

• Story of hero-knight, and two different endings depending on his actions;
• Developed dialogues influencing game process;
• Ability to select new skills during development;
• Aivail global map mode, allowing hero to move between locations;
• Stores and forts, in which player can buy artifacts and magic scrolls, and also recruit troops of different races;
• Ability to gain money and magic artifacts in battle;
• Inventory and hero's doll, allowing to equip him at discretion;
• New battle system with detailed reflecting of unit characteristics and damage;
• Battle balance, specially reworked for increasing of battle dynamics, with many new tactical abilities;
• More than 80 types of artifacts -- armor, weapon, magic objects and potions;
• 23 magic spells of 6 different chools -- Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Space and Light for using on scrolls;
• 21 new unit -- including mummies, gnomes-musketeers, orcish shamans, Devil incarnates, elementals of elements and mysterious Chimeras;
• Units' special skills -- stunning, lulling, curse and active magic acting during the battle;
• Accidental meetings during travels on Global maps, adding the element of suddenness.

240 x 320
176 x 220

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