Hangman Deluxe +Bluetooth

by y_hideo | 13.52.00 in |

Discover the secret word hidden in the game before your character is hung. Carefully select your letters, risking your neck as you try to guess the concealed word. If you don't get it, your character will come to a grim end, hanging from the gallows.

This new LemonQuest title will included four different categories: Science, Culture, Sports and Leisure, what makes Hangman Deluxe an attractive and exciting game.

Have more fun than ever on your mobile phone with this totally original take on a classic game. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can even take on your friends, with each person playing on their own handset.


-Entertaining puzzle game
-Play against a friend via bluetooth (K700 version only)
-Long game play life
-Funny hand-written graphic style
-Deluxe version features different word categories to pick from.


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