Atlantis Sky Patrol

by y_hideo | 14.16.00 in |

Namco Networks announces the availability of the hit PC game Atlantis Sky Patrol on mobile. The game is company's first title through its partnership with Big Fish Games. Atlantis Sky Patrol is an original marble-matching puzzler with hundreds of levels, mini-games and innovative game play mechanics.

In the game, players lead Atlantis Sky Patrol in the fight to destroy Doomsday Devices that have been detected in the skies above the Earth. With a double-tiered game mechanic, there are two game objectives to clear each level. The first is to dismantle the machine's stationary control mechanism. The second is to clear the chain of marbles within each level by shooting matching colored marbles.

Players can set off chain reaction combos to score big points and obtain one of the 12 power-ups in the game, such as releasing the Rainbow Hammer, harnessing the Soul of Atlantis, and unleashing the Oriphculum Bomb to assist in the destruction of the Doomsday Devices. By collecting coins, players can upgrade the ship, enhancing its firing speed and improving shooting accuracy. Mini-games found throughout the game offer additional opportunities for players to obtain coins.


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