Pandas vs Ninjas

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This game rocked WP7 and Android and now it is available on Blackberry

Enjoy Pandas vs Ninjas Premium with the following features:
- Excellent animated graphics with brave characters
- Beautiful sounds
- No advertising!

Let the fight begin!

Help Pandas to defeat Ninjas in this fun and innovative physics-based game!
Defend Pandas' homeland by fighting Ninja invaders and destroying their camps.
Enjoy highly addictive gameplay and realistic physics simulation!

*Blackberry 8900 Curve,BlackBerry 9630 Tour,BlackBerry 9650 Bold, Blackberry 9700 ,BoldBlackBerry 9780 Bold,BlackBerry 9350 Curve,BlackBerry 9370 Curve,BlackBerry 9360 Curve)
Download Here

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