Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

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The mobile version of a long-awaited third part of hit strategy!
More half a century has passed from the moment of infection of the Earth with a radioactive mineral , the most part of a planet is unsuitable for a life, therefore for small quantity of not infected zones there is a fierce struggle. For protection of the arranged well regions with pure ecology organization GDI (the Global Protective Initiative) has been created. Its armies which purpose is clarification of a planet and returning of the world, you and should head.
Main enemy GDI - an insurgent grouping « Brotherhood NOD », headed by tyrant Kejnom. With it you will battle for each plot of land up to last killed soldier in the levels of the basic mode of game filled by action. Also you can check up yourselves on durability in a mode "Battle", in it your problem will show all talent of the commander and the strategist, beating off all new and new attacks of enemies. Return the world to the Earth and relieve a planet from plagues.

176x220 K700
176x220 K750i
176x220 w810

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