Bubble Popper Deluxe

by y_hideo | 12.55.00 in |

Make crazy chain reactions and burst 1000s of bubbles in up to 64 unbelievably addictive levels! Packed with up to 4 unique worlds, revolutionary physics and crazy bonus levels - Bubble Popper Deluxe™ redefines the meaning of fun. Smiling? You will be!

• Up to 64 levels in Story Mode + unique replay star system
• Endless Quick Game Mode!
• Up to 4 Boss Fights
• Up to 10 Special Bubbles - (Rainbow Bubble, Fireworks, Shooting Star etc.)
• Revolutionary innovations!
• Horizontally and vertically scrolling levels
• Up to 4 different Game Worlds with unique characteristics
– Country-side, Underwater, Forest and Frost Mountains
• Crazy Bonus Levels
• Visual awe: eye-stunning animations and transitions
*Features may vary by handset


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